Help Your Teen Love Your Caravan Trip with These 4 Tips

You are ready to hit the road in your caravan, but instead of being excited, your teens are dismayed. Whether you plan to spend a few weeks on the road or a few months, you easily can make the prospect more attractive to your teens. Here's what you need to do:

1. Provide teens with privacy

Teens justifiably need privacy, and although a caravan is small, you can still provide that to them. If you have a large caravan with a lounge and a bedroom, consider giving the bedroom to your teen and leaving the beds in the shared room to you, your spouse and your younger children.

If you have several teens or school-aged kids, consider retrofitting the main room of the camper with private bunks or lofts. With a bit of woodworking savvy, you can easily create bunks with curtains your teens can draw for privacy. Alternatively, you can make lofts encased with small wood walls, and you can leave the rest of the living area as it is beneath the lofts. 

2. Add some entertainment

Time in nature is soothing, and exploring new areas is essential to travelling, but your teen will still want some "mindless" entertainment and screen time. To that end, install a TV antenna on your caravan.

You can use digital antennas allowing you to watch TV in the caravan, or you can access satellite internet service through many caravan antennas. You can ask resources like Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories to learn more.

3. Embrace digital possibilities

If you have a caravan antenna that brings the internet into your caravan, consider getting each of your teens (and yourself) a tablet and a set of headphones. With a tablet and a Wi-Fi connection, your teens can do more than entertain themselves.

They can attend online classes, talk with friends, play games and much more. If you are going on an extended caravan journey, your teen's tablet can be essential for allowing him or her to stay in touch with friends and continuing learning in the absence of school.

Remember to buy everyone headphones because you are all in a small space, and you don't want the sounds of several tablets to compete with each other.

4. Get your teen involved in decision making

Teens often feel frustrated because they feel powerless. Alleviate some of these feelings in your teens by getting them involved in the decision-making process. Let them have input on where you are going, how long you stay at certain campsites and other decisions.