3 Unique Choices for City Accommodations When Traveling

Staying at a hotel in a big city can be very expensive, and for the money you pay you may feel as if you're getting nothing more than a generic bedroom and bathroom. However, you may not want to travel too far from tourist attractions or the companies you need to visit for business. If you're planning to stay in a city for either business or for fun, note a few unique choices you might consider for accommodations.

1. Youth hostels

A youth hostel offers bedrooms and bathrooms much like you would expect to see in a college dorm room. The bedrooms are shared between more than one person and may even feature bunk beds. The bathrooms are similar to those in a gym locker room; there are rows of shower stalls and sinks rather than private bathrooms for each room. These accommodations will vary according to each establishment, but for those on a very tight budget and who may only need a place to sleep and shower, they can be a great choice for staying in any city. Note that they're often divided into male and female accommodations, so they may not work if you're traveling as a couple, but for others, they can be an affordable option.

2. Apartments

When someone owns an apartment that they don't live in fulltime, they may allow it to be rented out to travelers. These types of apartments are often abundant in cities, where apartment living is common. Staying in an apartment can be more comfortable for longer trips and for groups or families, who may appreciate the room to spread out. They can also afford you the opportunity to cook for yourself on occasion, which can mean saving money on eating out for every meal while you travel. Since restaurants in the city can also be very expensive, this can be a comfortable yet affordable choice.

3. College rooms

If you travel during the summer, you may want to check out college rooms. Some colleges that have dorms for students will rent these out to travelers during the summer months. In some cases you can find a private dorm room for yourself or you may share a room with another traveler. Staying at a college during the summer can also mean access to their grounds including their library and any museums or chapels they may maintain. If you're the studious type you may enjoy staying at a college room just so that you can enjoy these other amenities.

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