Things To Consider Before You Hire A Charter Bus

Whether you're planning a road trip, pub crawl or tour group, a chartered bus can provide you with the service and amenities you need to make your event special. But before you rent a charter bus, there are some important things to consider that can affect the kind of vehicle you choose, and the price you pay for that vehicle. So to help you maximise your rental, here are some important things you should think about before you make a final commitment.

Driver -- When you charter a bus, you will be provided with a professional driver for the duration of the trip or event. Many people forget that if you are taking an overnight trip or a trip that takes even longer, you are responsible for paying for the driver's accommodations and food. Expand your budget to include this cost, because for a trip that lasts a week, paying for the driver's hotel room and food can add up. And you must also factor in the gratuity the driver will receive at the end of the charter, which is typically not part of the quote a bus rental company provides you when you sign the contract. One other thing to keep in mind is that professional drivers are limited by law as to how many hours they can drive without taking a rest. If you are trying to reach a destination at a prescribed time, you need to factor in the driver's downtime when planning how long it will take for you to arrive.

Cancellation Policy -- This is often an overlooked aspect of a bus rental contract, so don't make that mistake. Cancellation policies are tricky because some bus rental companies will let you cancel up to the day before the trip, but will keep your deposit as compensation. Other companies may charge you a certain percentage of the estimate if you don't cancel within a specified time period. Don't assume that you can cancel without a penalty, as the fine print on a contract often includes hidden fees related to late cancellations.

Non-Profit Discount -- If you're travelling as part of a non-profit group to a destination, many bus charter companies will offer you a discount. Inquire about this when you first call to get a quote, and be prepared to provide the documentation required that shows your organisation or business has filed the paperwork designating that it's operating as a non-profit.

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