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How to Refresh Your Marriage During a Private Yacht Holiday

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Marriages can have their ups and downs, and being part of a couple isn’t always easy. If you feel like things could be better in your marriage, then a private yacht charter could be the perfect time to start making some positive changes. As well as being away from the stress of everyday life, you’ll also have the chance to experience new things together, creating precious memories. It’s been shown that taking part in new activities as a couple helps strengthen your relationship and improve joint problem solving. There’ll also be plenty of time to relax together and talk in complete privacy, with no time constraints or distractions. Read on to find out exactly how to rejuvenate your marriage during your private yacht holiday. Learn to sail together Sailing is all about staying calm, solving problems, and working together – all skills that are essential to a happy marriage. Most private yacht charter companies will offer you the chance to learn to sail with one of their experienced crew members. You can take it in turns managing different parts of the boat, and then compare your experiences. Learning a new skill together is a great way to bond, and you might be inspired to continue back at home. You don’t have to join a sailing club; just choose any activity that you’re both new to—it could be a pottery class, dancing lessons, or learning a language. Spend time talking on deck Having an entire yacht all to yourselves is about as private as it gets. You’ll be able to talk intimately about any problems that you’ve been having lately, and the lack of distractions will mean that you’re able to really listen to each other. You might gain some insight into your partner’s thoughts and feelings that will be useful long after your holiday’s over. It doesn’t all have to be serious talk, though. Just joking around and having fun in a beautiful location might help you to remember why you fell in love in the first place. Try out different water sports Adventure is a great mood booster, and an excellent way to get excited about life – and your partner. Trying out sports like water skiing, wake boarding and surfing will probably make a big change to sitting in front of the TV together. You’ll have the thrill of cheering your partner on, and then relaxing together at the end of it all. Make sure you take lots of photos – this way you’ll be able to remember all the fun you’re capable of having together, even when you’re back to your normal...

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Why Choose A Bus Hire For Your Next Group Activity?

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If you’re organizing a group activity for your office, church, retirement group, or any other reason, you want to consider a bus hire for the event. This can be the right choice even if the event is not far from your central location and won’t last all day. Note a few reasons why it’s good to consider a bus hire for an event and how it can benefit your entire group. 1. You can take attendance When planning an event for the office you probably will make it mandatory that certain personnel attend. A bus hire can allow you to take attendance so you know everyone shows up, otherwise some staff members may have someone sign an attendance sheet for them or may try to duck out before the seminar is over. Taking attendance also ensures that everyone who is planned for the trip gets there and back safely; you can check on someone from your church or retirement group who may need assistance with transport and know that they haven’t been left behind, either to or from the event itself. 2. You can use your time more effectively When everyone drives themselves to and from an event, this is really just time wasted in their own cars. However, with a bus hire you can use the time before or after an event to prepare presentations, review the sites you’ll be visiting, and even introduce group members to one another. This makes the entire trip more effective with much less time wasted. 3. It’s better for the environment A bus may produce more emissions than one car but if you have several dozen people attending an event, chances are the bus is the better choice for fuel consumption. It will probably create fewer emissions than a few dozen cars, so if you’re environmentally conscious at all, choose a bus. 4. You have less liability If employees or anyone were to get into an accident while traveling to or from an event you organize, you may be liable for their injures and property damage. However, if you use a bus hire then the company you hire shares that liability or may be the only one liable. This can save your company money on the cost of insurance claims and lawsuits in case of those injuries. Remember these reasons why a bus hire is a good choice for any event you’re organizing and consider if it’s a good choice for your group. For more information, contact a business such as Bob’s Bus...

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Help Your Teen Love Your Caravan Trip with These 4 Tips

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You are ready to hit the road in your caravan, but instead of being excited, your teens are dismayed. Whether you plan to spend a few weeks on the road or a few months, you easily can make the prospect more attractive to your teens. Here’s what you need to do: 1. Provide teens with privacy Teens justifiably need privacy, and although a caravan is small, you can still provide that to them. If you have a large caravan with a lounge and a bedroom, consider giving the bedroom to your teen and leaving the beds in the shared room to you, your spouse and your younger children. If you have several teens or school-aged kids, consider retrofitting the main room of the camper with private bunks or lofts. With a bit of woodworking savvy, you can easily create bunks with curtains your teens can draw for privacy. Alternatively, you can make lofts encased with small wood walls, and you can leave the rest of the living area as it is beneath the lofts.  2. Add some entertainment Time in nature is soothing, and exploring new areas is essential to travelling, but your teen will still want some “mindless” entertainment and screen time. To that end, install a TV antenna on your caravan. You can use digital antennas allowing you to watch TV in the caravan, or you can access satellite internet service through many caravan antennas. You can ask resources like Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories to learn more. 3. Embrace digital possibilities If you have a caravan antenna that brings the internet into your caravan, consider getting each of your teens (and yourself) a tablet and a set of headphones. With a tablet and a Wi-Fi connection, your teens can do more than entertain themselves. They can attend online classes, talk with friends, play games and much more. If you are going on an extended caravan journey, your teen’s tablet can be essential for allowing him or her to stay in touch with friends and continuing learning in the absence of school. Remember to buy everyone headphones because you are all in a small space, and you don’t want the sounds of several tablets to compete with each other. 4. Get your teen involved in decision making Teens often feel frustrated because they feel powerless. Alleviate some of these feelings in your teens by getting them involved in the decision-making process. Let them have input on where you are going, how long you stay at certain campsites and other decisions....

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3 Unique Choices for City Accommodations When Traveling

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Staying at a hotel in a big city can be very expensive, and for the money you pay you may feel as if you’re getting nothing more than a generic bedroom and bathroom. However, you may not want to travel too far from tourist attractions or the companies you need to visit for business. If you’re planning to stay in a city for either business or for fun, note a few unique choices you might consider for accommodations. 1. Youth hostels A youth hostel offers bedrooms and bathrooms much like you would expect to see in a college dorm room. The bedrooms are shared between more than one person and may even feature bunk beds. The bathrooms are similar to those in a gym locker room; there are rows of shower stalls and sinks rather than private bathrooms for each room. These accommodations will vary according to each establishment, but for those on a very tight budget and who may only need a place to sleep and shower, they can be a great choice for staying in any city. Note that they’re often divided into male and female accommodations, so they may not work if you’re traveling as a couple, but for others, they can be an affordable option. 2. Apartments When someone owns an apartment that they don’t live in fulltime, they may allow it to be rented out to travelers. These types of apartments are often abundant in cities, where apartment living is common. Staying in an apartment can be more comfortable for longer trips and for groups or families, who may appreciate the room to spread out. They can also afford you the opportunity to cook for yourself on occasion, which can mean saving money on eating out for every meal while you travel. Since restaurants in the city can also be very expensive, this can be a comfortable yet affordable choice. 3. College rooms If you travel during the summer, you may want to check out college rooms. Some colleges that have dorms for students will rent these out to travelers during the summer months. In some cases you can find a private dorm room for yourself or you may share a room with another traveler. Staying at a college during the summer can also mean access to their grounds including their library and any museums or chapels they may maintain. If you’re the studious type you may enjoy staying at a college room just so that you can enjoy these other amenities. For more information, check out companies such as Capital Executive...

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Things To Consider Before You Hire A Charter Bus

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Whether you’re planning a road trip, pub crawl or tour group, a chartered bus can provide you with the service and amenities you need to make your event special. But before you rent a charter bus, there are some important things to consider that can affect the kind of vehicle you choose, and the price you pay for that vehicle. So to help you maximise your rental, here are some important things you should think about before you make a final commitment. Driver — When you charter a bus, you will be provided with a professional driver for the duration of the trip or event. Many people forget that if you are taking an overnight trip or a trip that takes even longer, you are responsible for paying for the driver’s accommodations and food. Expand your budget to include this cost, because for a trip that lasts a week, paying for the driver’s hotel room and food can add up. And you must also factor in the gratuity the driver will receive at the end of the charter, which is typically not part of the quote a bus rental company provides you when you sign the contract. One other thing to keep in mind is that professional drivers are limited by law as to how many hours they can drive without taking a rest. If you are trying to reach a destination at a prescribed time, you need to factor in the driver’s downtime when planning how long it will take for you to arrive. Cancellation Policy — This is often an overlooked aspect of a bus rental contract, so don’t make that mistake. Cancellation policies are tricky because some bus rental companies will let you cancel up to the day before the trip, but will keep your deposit as compensation. Other companies may charge you a certain percentage of the estimate if you don’t cancel within a specified time period. Don’t assume that you can cancel without a penalty, as the fine print on a contract often includes hidden fees related to late cancellations. Non-Profit Discount — If you’re travelling as part of a non-profit group to a destination, many bus charter companies will offer you a discount. Inquire about this when you first call to get a quote, and be prepared to provide the documentation required that shows your organisation or business has filed the paperwork designating that it’s operating as a non-profit. For more information, contact a company like Good az Gold Tours and...

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